Keystone South Dakota

It's where Mount Rushmore is in the The Black Hills National Monument is a symbol of American history which makes it's the perfect place to celebrate America's birthday. it's an amazing experience to see fireworks with Mount Rushmore in the background there's also a ton of other stuff to do before the fireworks like any good 4th of July festival you've got everything from hiking to learning about America learning about American presidents a Native American history to horseback riding local wine tasting they've got everything here you'd expect a good 4th of July to have Keystone is the perfect place to be patriotic celebrate this great country if you want to experience one of the greatest 4th of July's Keystone is where you need to go.

St Augustine Florida

St Augustine Florida was built in 1742 by the Spanish. It was there to protect the what they considered the back door of St. Augustine from the British. They don't want the British coming in there and messing up a good time this giant celebration includes a major firework display a free concert and old men in speedos down on Matanzas Beach. you'll also get more fresh seafood than you need go on a historic pub tour and get drunk and educated at the same time. that's a great plan right there they have tons of history here it is after all the United States oldest city.


Disneyworld will never disappoint you either especially if you have kids. I went once or twice even before I had kids and it was great what they offer year to year is a little different and they're always changing things up but you have the basics great fireworks show patriotic character meetings you know the characters walk around and they're wearing red white and blue type thing special dining events tons of other stuff you won't go wrong going to Disney for fourth of July.

Traverse City Michigan

Traverse City is a great independent state for families definitely one of the best in the country they have a cherry festival that goes on right at the same time. it's complete with a Pitt spitting contest. They've got a parade of floats the whole deal you might also get at the air show from the Navy's Blue Angels which is never a bad thing then of course fireworks at 10:30.

Portsmouth New Hampshire

Portsmouth is where you need to go the classic American 4th of July is on display here every single year because that's when fourth of July happens every single year.  it's here in Portsmouth hearth cooking butter turning face painting and fireworks it'll all happen here if a softball game breaks out your American fourth of July is complete in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

Addison Texas

Addison texas is the type of place for an all-out patriotic celebration this is the sort of place that if you aren't flying an American flag on your car truck you don't know you're an outsider addison is a suburb of Dallas and it's known for its legendary fireworks.  It has a over-the-top firework displayed called kaboom town that goes on for about 30 minutes that includes a live concert and air show hundreds of vendors if you have kids or a brother that did too many drugs in the 90s. They'll enjoy the carnival rides and face painting before the fireworks. But the weird thing is they do it on the 3rd of July for some reason.

Boulder Colorado Boulder

Boulder Colorado Boulder is always a quality independence day take in the great outdoors live music craft beer great food the annual traditions like fireworks.  I don't think a lot of people know that Boulder has a great 4th of July.

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe California and Nevada one of the best firework shows. I've ever seen is the lights on the lake show at South Lake Tahoe. It was amazing the good news is the drought is over in California at least for the time being so the lake is full and people are having fun again my advice is to take a ride on one of those boats to see the fireworks shows.

Bristol Rhode Island

Bristol Rhode Island Bristol is the place to see America's oldest continuous 4th of July celebration this thing dates back to 1785. Events include concert series at Independence Park drum corps shows firefighters. The independence road race half a marathon through downtown it takes place on June 29th. In other words, Bristol goes off for independence it's almost like Bristol has a motto anything worth doing is worth overdoing.