Ara Ara’ meaning – Japanese Phrase

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ara ara meaning japanese

Ara- ara Means in Japanese 2022?

Ara Ara meaning In Japanese – The correct meaning of ara-ara is ( Oh me oh). It is a Japanese proverb that means “Oh, my God.”… the phrase is often used to indicate the sexual intentions of the female character towards a younger male, who is usually below the age of majority.

Meaning Of Ara-ara: It’s like “oh my” or “my, (what we have here is a cute innocent boy I can play with)”.

What does Ara Ara mean in English?

Ara Ara mean in English? ara ara “same as” oh my “in english – for example: ara ara or just Ara, you are old boy now.

Yare yare” is the same, which means that it does not contain a direct translation and it is just an expression or a Japanese spoken language that you can say that describes the feeling of relaxation or sighing ..

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