How to fix adsence’s Problem we are working on setting you up 2023

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In This Article, we are going to share an important information Or you can say tricks about the problem “we are working on setting you up Or This usually takes a few days, but in some cases can take up to 2 weeks. We’ll notify you when everything’s ready. Then start earning money by placing ads.” of Google Adsense due to which many newbie bloggers have to faced many problems.

We did not even know the solution to this problem “we are working on setting you up” , we also read all the article from Google search results who wrote about this .

As far as we have seen almost every video made of this topic on YouTube, but all the videos were only for time pass because we did not have to learn anything from those videos.

Then we worked a little bit to find a solution to this problem and we started focusing on our work. After one or two months, we remembered a trick and we were successful in it and this was the last journey of our Adsense’s problems about “we are setting you up Or your adsense account is awaiting approval. ” and finally got fixed .

Your Adsense account is awaiting approval And Why did this happen?

Many people think that is my Adsense stuck on setting you up or Adsense not activating many questions must be arising in your mind, why Adsense review taking too long ? Did I Not follow all the procedures correctly or I missed any steps.

So, My Friends Try our trick to fix Adsence’s approval problems/issues or how long does it take for adsense ads to approval.

Case 1 : When you create an AdSense account using the URL of your website or blogger, then you have to face this problem.

Case 2 : ( If your website has non TLD’s Domain then this activity may happen with you. )

Case 3 : If You are using .blogspot for your blogger then this may happen with you .

Case 4 : If you have not added your phone number to the your Google account then add the phone number which should be unique and please use one phone number per Google account

How to fix ” we are working on setting you up “

We are working on setting you up” To solve this Problem, you will have to create an adsence account for your YouTube channel. if you have not a Youtube chanel then search how to create Youtube?

Adsense account that you have created earlier for you website or blog, through that you have to make YouTube channel which is very easy nowdays.

Now I will tell you step by step How to fix ” we are working on setting you up

Step -1 : First of all, you have to login Google account in browser of your computer or laptop.

Step -2 : Go to, now go to your Youtube channel and click on setting .

Step -3 : Go to creator studio Or Click here : direct link

Whposts we are working on setting you up Adsence problem fixed

Click On enable Buton it will redirect on a next page. You will see the interface like the image below.

Now you have to complete your setup by clicking on the Start button. When you click on the start button for the first time, a popup will open in front of you at your device’s screen, accept all the terms and conditions by clicking on empty boxes,in the last you have to click on I accept Button.

Now you have to click on the Start button again to create your Google AdSense account through your Youtube Channel and After this you have to click on the Next button which will be available on the left side.

Now you have to select your Google account from which you created an AdSense account before.

After this you have to click on Continue button. this will automatically redirect you to your AdSense account using your Youtube Channel Urls.

Now you will see it like a fully approved AdSense account and finally your problem is fixed and now you can submit the website for approval.

In this article, we have described about the how to fix adsence’s problem we are working on setting you up and we hope you will like this article.

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