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Grammarly Premium Cookies For free | Daily Update 2022

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Hi friends, What is Grammarly free vs. Premium and Can You Use Premium Grammarly for free Using Grammarly Premium cookies free.

So by now, you might have seen some ads of Grammarly on any websites, and there on Youtube, or you are just looking for a review of Grammarly.

Then you’ve just landed on the right Article. In this article, we will take a look at Grammarly (Is grammarly Premium worth it for students?) and see if it’s worth it.

Is it worth paying for Grammarly premium?

So I’m assuming you are a teacher, student, employee, worker, boss. Who writes assignments, legal letters, proposals, etc.

Anything in English, Then you will mostly face a problem of not knowing whether the stuff you’re writing down is grammatically correct or not.

Even myself Searched on Google “Is grammarly worth it for university students?” , Because my native language is not English. I do face this problem a lot. And this is even critical if you are composing a proposal or a legal letter.

We need a tool that can correct our grammar, check the plagiarism, and make some sense of the stuff we are writing to help us here.

Many tools can do this for us, but most people send this letter to their Grammarly friend and correct it for them.

But let’s be honest, guys, this is not a very reliable solution. The second thing people do is put their precious document on to a random grammar checking website and hope to get it right, but even though those websites also use the Grammarly ghost, it is Grammarly.

So the best way to do this, You must use Premium Grammarly because I personally Use Paid version of Grammarly. It corrects your grammatical errors, increases your vocabulary, builds-in plagiarism checkers, and many more features.

Now for this review of it, break it down into three things.

Grammarly Premium Review

First is the speed, second is plagiarism, and third is the availability.


So, first of all, let’s talk about the speed of Grammarly. For speed, I would like to rate Grammarly five stars out of five stars.

I’m saying this because recently, I did my final year thesis. Running out of time, vocabulary, and confusion is my grammar correct, and it’s not that I have the time to check grammar mistakes.

At that time, I knew but Grammarly and sign up for a free trial and use the only free features.

I was also still in doubt if I completed my thesis, but after that, it got plagiarised, and that was when I purchased the Grammarly premium, which $29 a month.

Yes, it helped me complete my thesis with 10% plagiarism because of review and literature study. I was typing it on whatever was coming to my head, and Grammarly corrected that for me.

So that’s why I rated Grammarly a 5 out of 5 stars in speed. So the second one is plagiarism. Yes, it’s beneficial.


It can check plagiarism while you’re typing and search for online content that has similar text in it.

Plagiarism is significant if you are doing SEO work because Google always loves original content, and it will penalize you if you copy from someone else website.

So mostly in colleges, what teachers use to check the plagiarism is Turnitin. But Grammarly can only check the plagiarism only online database which Google has indexed.

So I would like to rate Grammarly 4 out of 5-star rating in plagiarism. So the last one is availability.


If you write a manuscript or assignment, I bet you’re using Microsoft Word. Grammarly supports all significant apps, and now it is available on Android and iOS devices.

So I would like to read Grammarly 5 out of 5-star rating in availability. Now finally, I will rate Grammarly according to the person that is using it.

For digital agencies, SEO work, writing legal letters, communication with customers, I would like to rate a 5 out of 5-star rating.

If you are a student, I would like to rate grammar only 4 out of 5-star rating because there is much more software if provided by the college to check plagiarism and check the grammar.

So if you want to take a look at Grammarly by yourself, you can check out the links below and start your free trial, but I highly recommend you get the premium version, as it will save a lot of time.

How do I get free 2022 Grammarly premium?

You will get Grammarly Premium Account’s Cookies for Free and this is specially for Universities students or college students because most of the students can’t afford a Premium tools or paid tools.

How do you use Grammarly premium cookies?

This is very simple and if You will follow our tutorial about how to use Grammarly premium cookies? then you can use without having any issue.

Step-1: Open Your Chrome Browser.

Step-2: Search “Cookie Editor” On Google. Shown as below image.

Step-3: Click on first Result and then Click to “add to chrome” button.

Step-4: Now open Website in your chrome browser.

Step-5: In the right side corner, You will see a extension sign or you can see in the below image.

Step-6: Click on the extension’s sign and open the cookie editor.

Step-7: After Clicking on cookie editor, click on “ Delete all ” Button.

Step-8: Now click on “Import” Button.

Step-9: Copy The Grammarly Premium Cookies from below downloading link and paste it in empy space ( Paste Your json Here).

Step-9: After pasting Free Grammarly Premum cookies, Now click on “Import” button and refresh Grammarly Website.

Enjoy! Grammarly Premium Version for Free. Hope you are using Grammarly Premium paid verion.

We will update daily Grammarly free premium cookies on this Website and the students can take benefits from this website or Grammarly Premium Cookies.

Download Grammarly Premium Cookies for Students?

We are providing Four link of Grammarly premium cookies for free You use these downloading links and if Any links are not working then try other link.

Download Premium Cookies Link 1

Download Premium Cookies Link 2

Download Premium Cookies Link 3

Download Premium Cookies Link 4

Download Premium Cookies Link 5

If Grammarly Premium Cookies is not working Then Inform us in Our WhatsApp Group.

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